AID - Agora for Interdisciplinary Debate

AID is a new forum for interdisciplinary encounters. It also serves as a forum for enhancing closer engagements between practicing scientists and philosophers of science.

AID sessions typically feature two or so speakers providing rival or complementary disciplinary perspectives to a shared issue (phenomenon, topic, concept, theory, method, etc). This is expected to illuminate similarities and differences between those perspectives as well as to help determine whether there is any need for closer interactions or collaborations, and how these are constrained. Interdisciplinary encounters will help us understand and utilize our disciplinary neighbours - and also to improve our own disciplinary self-understanding.

AID will be implemented in a format that is intellectually rigorous and at the same time leisurely and entertaining. Members of the academic community from all fields and walks of intellectual life, from students to emerita, and from all disciplines or transdisciplines, are most welcome.

Suggestions for sessions are welcome. Please send to Uskali Mäki <>

The Finnish journal Tieteessä tapahtuu (Science Now) features a series of selected writings based on past AID sessions. Please see here for the articles in Finnish.

Past sessions

For past AID seminar sessions, please see here.
For recorded material of AID sessions, please see the media section.

The Guiding Group of AID

Janne Hukkinen (Dept of Social Research)
Markku Kivinen (Aleksanteri Institute)
Aki Lehtinen (TINT CoE)
Miles MacLeod (TINT CoE)
Pekka Mäkelä (TINT CoE)
Uskali Mäki (TINT CoE)
Caterina Marchionni (TINT CoE)
Jussi Pakkasvirta (Dept of Political and Economic Studies)
Tapio Palokangas (Dept of Political and Economic Studies)
Sami Pihlström (Collegium for Advanced Studies)
Samuli Pöyhönen (TINT CoE)
Teivo Teivainen (Dept of Political and Economic Studies)