Perspectives on Science seminar

As a precaution against Covid-19, PoS seminars are organized as online conferences until further notice. The seminar will take place in Zoom, an application supported by University of Helsinki. Conference calls can be joined from Chrome browser or from a desktop application.

JOINING THE SEMINARS: To get a link for joining the seminars in Zoom, please contact research assistants or

Coordinated by Emrah Aydınonat (

Perspectives on Science seminar is held primarily on Mondays from 14 to 16.

Autumn 2021

  • 06.09.2021 Carlo Martini (Vita-Salute San Raffaele University):
    An empirical, hands-on approach to the demarcation problem: studying science disinformation with experiments

  • 13.09.2021 Nils Köbis (Max Planck Institute for Human Development | Center for Humans & Machines):
    How AI influences human ethical behavior

  • 20.09.2021 David J. Hand (Imperial College London):
    Seeing through data – rewards and risks in modern data science

  • 27.09.2021 Magdalena Malecka (University of Helsinki):
    Towards a Critical Philosophy of Science Perspective on the Behavioural Public Policy

  • 04.10.2021 Lucie White (Leibniz University Hannover):
    Is Vaccine Refusal Free Riding?

  • 11.10.2021 Diane Coyle (University of Cambridge):
    Cogs and Monsters: What Economics Is, and What It Should Be

  • 18.10.2021 Michiru Nagatsu (University of Helsinki):
    Behavioral economics for sustainability? A critical review

  • 25.10.2021 Catarina Dutilh Novaes (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam):
    Public engagement in science

  • 01.11.2021 Dingmar van Eck (University of Amsterdam):
    Mechanist Idealisation in Systems Biology

  • 08.11.2021 Katherine Furman (University of Liverpool):
    Epistemic Bunkers

  • 22.11.2021 Julie Zahle (University of Bergen):
    Reactivity in Qualitative Data Collection

  • 29.11.2021 Säde Hormio (University of Helsinki):
    Bad epistemic neighbourhoods

  • 13.12.2021 Samuli Reijula (University of Helsinki):

  • 20.12.2021 Sofia Blanco Sequeiros (University of Helsinki):

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